My core value and mission in creating Pasta Gardner is to Feed a hungry spirit a delicious, local, and healthy pasta. I believe when you feed that soul in your gut you can observe how for that temporary moment you become stratified, stress free, and ready to relax or  next task at hand.

When you feed someone else it shows you care for them the same way you would care for yourself. It creates an opportunity to connect, share and make moments with others over food. I created a local pasta to help Feed our community, support the farms that grow the wheat so they can Feed their families and all together help Feed our economy.

Hard Red Radiatore Pasta with Bolognese Sauce and Local Cheese


Our flour is milled different than commercially milled flour. We use ‘stone ground’ flour. Stone ground wheat contains its original bran, germ, endosperm and oils. Which makes it more nutritious than highly processed pasta. In commercially milled flour the endosperm is pancaked out flat, the oils squished out and all three sections are separated. Our pasta isn’t! It has great flavor and a good texture. Our pasta is also GMO free, all natural and no additives.



Announcing the first of Oregon grown Durum flour!


June 2017

Pasta Gardner is available at all Market of Choice locations! From Portland, Bend, Corvallis, Eugene, and Ashland.


EUGENE WINTER FARMERS MARKET  Saturdays, Feb. 3 – March 31st 10am – 2pm. 8th & Oak.