Since I’m Italian I eat pasta almost everyday. Pasta is a kind of religion to me. It must be fresh, healthy and perfect for the sauce. When I tasted Gardner Pasta I immediately fell in love. Bravo Jeff. It’s not easy to surprise an Italian when it comes to pasta.
GB Oneto
I have had almost every kind of pasta made by Pasta Gardner, and I have enjoyed every experience. The pasta tastes good, it’s locally made, and best of all its not processed. So I can buy it for my friends and family, and even co workers and let them know how healthy it is. I am looking forward to trying new pasta’s and shapes from Pasta Gardner.
Rebecca Bellissimo
Love this stuff! I can finally feel good about eating my one of my favorite foods. Best tasting pasta I’ve ever eaten and it’s ridiculously quick to cook.
Chas Rogers
I have to second Chas. I love the idea of pasta, but rarely enjoy it in the form it is generally available. After I had this I’m certain I will now be eating pasta weekly. So fresh, it actually finally feels healthy. Rich flavor and great texture. Thank you so much for making this available! It is the best I have ever had.
Jessica Richards
Love the pasta! Used it tonight with my fresh garden tomatoes and basil and it was fabulous!
Jennifer Moore Herron
I love Pasta Gardner’s pasta! It’s always so fresh and delicious! I need to follow a very high fiber diet and the red wheat noodles that he makes are such a great source of it (10.4 grams per serving!). Certainly helps to have such a tasty way to up my intake. Love that all the ingredients are locally sourced and made, too. I can’t wait to use the large red wheat rigatoni I just bought in a delicious pasta bake!
Jennifer Kriegel