Whole Foods now carries Pasta Gardner – Eugene. Visit our newest location! You can find our organic red wheat pasta that has our specialty organic red wheat flour that grows here in the Willamette Valley.

One of our specialty flours that we use is organic red wheat flour. Red wheat is one of the types of wheat that Camas Country Mill grows here in the Willamette Valley. This is unique because Camas Country Mill grows and equally important mills their own wheat. By the same token there is no middle man, I pick up the wheat directly at the at the farm. The farm uses organic methods and grows the wheat sustainably with in 30 miles of where the pasta is locally made.

Our locally grown wheat makes a pasta with a good bite and a delicious full flavor from the unsifted flour we use. Here is a pasta that is whole grain and contains the whole wheat berry. There fore it naturally has a higher protein content when you compare it to ordinary commercial pasta. Furthermore the shapes I make are to much fun to turn down.

At Pasta Gardner we produce pasta in several shapes, Whole Foods now carries Pasta Gardner – Eugene in 4 different shapes. We use solid brass dies that are Italian. Because the Italians know what they are doing best. Personally I never use plastic or teflon dies. Given these details all this helps produce a superior pasta. Why, because the dies help stretch the dough through extruding. My Italian machine keeps the dough mixture cool before extruding, this helps keep a bite in the noodle.


Look for this packaging at Whole Foods – Eugene

Whole Foods now carries Pasta Gardner - Eugene

                          Whole Foods now carries Pasta Gardner – Eugene



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